Maude Charron

year of Birth: 1993
Page CrossFit games:
Gym: CrossFit Rimouski

First CrossFit workout : Lucky 7 January 2013

How I found crossfit : I was looking for something to keep me in shape and a friend introduced me to CrossFit . I made my first attempt and a few hours later, a new passion began.

Occupation: Administrative Assistant and coach at CrossFit Rimouski. Student .

Background before CrossFit :
14 years of gymnastics including 8 years to compete at the Provincial level and two years at the National level .
Circus acrobat for 3 years

Individual results in CrossFit :

First of all combined to competitions filthy 50 - Big League
9th to Compwod - Best of the Best, Markham , ON (16-17 November 2013 )

Goals for 2014 : qualify for regional and finish in the top 10, becoming the best athlete and one day go to the Games.

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