Pascal Plamondon

" I'll start from the very beginning, the first time I tried this sport it was at my high school I was 13. There were some other people my age, and my friends and I wanted to try weightlifting. I managed to lift 35 kg in clean and jerk. I was very proud, even if it was not a lot of weight for the sport, but there's a first time for everything. Thereafter, I continued to come two times a week, at noon and other hours. After one month of training there was a regional competition that I decided to enter. This time I managed to lift 36 kg in the snatch and 45 kg in clean and jerk. After, my coach asked me to participate in the games in Repentigny Quebec, in 2007. I immediately accepted. I finished 3rd and it is from this event that I started to invest in this sport. With my great progress it had eventually given me the taste to train more and more and become stronger. Despite an injury that stopped me for almost a full season, I persevered and my efforts were good. Now I train six times a week with school and work. Nothing can stop me getting involved in the sport that I grew up with and what I'm doing now.

My biggest motivation is to be a part of the Olympic team in 2016. But this is not my only motivation to continue this beautiful sport. My parents and my coach encouraged me greatly. Also, I know I 'm not far from the Canadian record in the clean and jerk, which is 188 kg; I am only missing 4kgs. I hope to break that record in this coming year. I see progress each year and I quickly climbed the positions at the Pan American championship it gives me hope soon to finish on the podium in my category."

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