Helene Dumais

Athlete in obstacle course racing, ultra trail running and endurance challenges.

Nominated Best Female Athlete 2014 by Mud Run Guide, Helene is 2nd in Canada on the Spartan Race Ranking and 16th in the United States (1st non-American!) with 18 podiums (4 first, 6 second, 8 third place) over 26 races in Canada, USA and France.

Her 2nd place at the Ultra Beast Killington made her the 1st female to complete the Ultra Beast AND to have ran the Beast the day before. With her performances in France, she is the 1st person ever to complete a Spartan Race Trifecta in one weekend AND get on the 3 podiums. She also placed 3rd in all three ''Master of the Rig'' contest designed by Platinum Rig.

2015 is all about physical endurance and mental toughness as the challenges that she is taking on are bigger in every aspect. Some will be races as other will be independent projects.

Born two months premature in 1980, she defied the odds and turned that spirit of survival into a lifestyle. www.helenedumais.com

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